Current release: 1.17.1


A browser plugin for Cookie Clicker.

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CookieMaster is a JavaScript based plugin for the popular in-browser game Cookie Clicker. It enhances the game by adding many useful features, statistics and helpers to improve the core experience.

See below for the highlights, or check out the READMDE on GitHub for an exhaustive list.

CookieMaster v.1.9.2 Main Screen
Main Screen
CookieMaster v.1.9.2 Settings Screen
Settings Screen
CookieMaster v.1.9.2 Statistics Screen
Stats Screen
CookieMaster v.1.9.2 Statistics Screen

Purchase efficiency

Don't know what upgrade or building to buy next? CookieMaster shows you the optimal purchases to maximise your income.


How many cookies have my Wrinklers sucked? How many Heavenly Chips will I have if I reset? How long until I can buy the next Time Machine? CookieMaster provides these stats, as well as many more.


Don't like clicking? CookieMaster has customizable auto-clickers to make things easier for you.


CookieMaster allows you to track several stats over time, displaying them in a chart in-game.

Number formatting

CookieMaster can format long numbers for you to make them easily readable in several customizable ways.


CookieMaster can display visual timers showing you exactly how much time remains for a buff effect or until the next item spawns.


If you leave the game running while doing other things, CookieMaster can play audio alerts when items spawn, so you don't miss any.


CookieMaster is designed to be highly customizable, giving you ultimate control over your game.

CookieMaster is available as a Chrome extension, User Script or browser bookmarklet. Functionality is identical across all versions.

Pick your flavour:

Chrome Extension

or view in the Chrome Web Store

  • Google Chrome required to install
  • Loads automatically once installed

User Script

Install User Script

  • Compatible with Greasemonkey and other script engines
  • Loads automatically once installed

Credit goes to Samboni for contributing the userscript.


Not a Chrome or userscript user? No problem. Just run CookieMaster from a bookmark instead, by dragging the following button into your bookmarks bar or folder:

CookieMaster Bookmark


Paste the following code into a new bookmark in your browser:

  • Compatible with all supported browsers
  • Click bookmark once created to load CookieMaster

Game Compatibility

CookieMaster aims to fully support the current version of Cookie Clicker, although multiple versions may be supported.

The plugin is aware of which versions it supports and will warn accordingly when loaded.

Game version Support
1.0411 (current)
1.0403 (previous)
1.037 beta

Due to the unpredictable nature of Game updates, it may take a while for CookieMaster to fully support new releases, but we'll try our best to update as rapidly as possible :)

Browser Suppot

CookieMaster should work correctly in recent versions of the following browsers:

Browser Support
Internet Explorer 10+
Internet Explorer 9 and older

Note that CookieMaster uses some new web features that may not be supported in some browsers.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to send an email to

Please check out the official GitHub repo for more info about contributing to this plugin :)

Want to donate?

CookieMaster is developed by a single developer in their spare time. If you enjoy using the plugin and want to show your appreciation, you can donate via PayPal or Bitcoin.

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